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Web Development

I'm skilled at frontend development and UI Design. I'm great at content strategy, SEO, accessibility, HTML, CSS and a whole lot more.

Graphic Design

I've designed all manner of logos, books, marketing materials, posters, merchandise and packaging. I obsess about typography and color.


I love to draw and specialize in digital illustration. I employ illustrations in my graphic design projects whenever it seems appropriate and effective.

About Me

I’m a creative professional currently living in northern Michigan with my wife Emily. I specialize in illustration, graphic design, UI Design and WordPress. I also love to write, make art and create books.


Caverns Below Milwaukee

Caverns Below Milwaukee is an illustrated novella written and illustrated by me. It contains 20+ full-color illustrations. It tells the story of a young man named David who visits a local shoe repair shop and becomes obsessed with the cobblers who work there. Mystical secrets are revealed as local legends become dangerous realities for David and his besties. 

Click here to read the first two chapters for free.

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