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Huzzah! I published my first book.

Click here to check out an illustrated adventure under the streets of Milwaukee.

A creator from Michigan

Clients + ART


Illustration for magazines and other publications, children's books, characters and animals. I try to add illustration when it seems appropriate.

Graphic Design

Logos, product packaging, books, posters, stickers, shirts and swag. I've used design to help for print and screen and done it all for the sake of clients and art.

Web Stuff

I provide all manner of graphic design, web and UI design plus a bunch of other marketing services. I am familiar with HTML5 CSS3, some javascript and lots of WordPress.


I've written and illustrated a few books, including one of my own. I especially like working on children's books and other picture books. I published a YA-novella called Caverns Below Milwaukee.

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I am:

A nerd with a lot of heart. A resident of the American Midwest. A guy who likes to create and design and draw. I specialize in graphic design, illustration and web development. I recently published a book titled Caverns Below Milwaukee.   more…

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