Graphic Design + Illustration + Web

Huzzah! I published my first book.

Click here to check out an illustrated adventure under the streets of Milwaukee.

Based in MICHIGAN. Available Worldwide.

My specialties include...


Concept art, magazine illos, children's books, character design and lots of animals. I try to integrate illustration into my work whenever it seems appropriate.

Graphic Design

Logos, product packaging, books, posters, stickers, shirts and swag. You name it, I can design it for print or screen. I'm also good at making sure it suits your brand.

Web Services

I manage projects, design mockups and wireframes, write HTML and CSS, wrangle WordPress, and help clients understand it all.

Featured Work

Who is this guy?

A gentle nerd with a lot of heart, that’s who. I’m from the midwest and have lived most of my years in Michigan and Wisconsin.

I’ve always been someone who likes to draw and make things. So for the last twenty-two years of my career, that’s what I’ve done. My specialties are graphic design, illustration, web development and friendly service. For over twenty years I’ve used my powers of creativity for the good of my clients while also making a little time for my own artwork. read more…

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