Rialto Theater Logo

The Rialto Theater is a place I had visited multiple times in my youth, as it is located in the town my father lived in. I remember seeing Men in Black, Independence Day and many other films there. I was overjoyed when they asked me to redesign their logo as part of an overarching renovation effort.

If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Their existing marquee is quite iconic and nostalgic to me (and I presume to others in their target audience as well).


I started by carefully replicating the typography used in their signage above the marquee from photo references. It was something I remembered from childhood and, after finding out that they would be keeping the existing signage, decided there was no better way to honor the theater’s Art Deco history while also looking towards their next phase. Just for the sake of exploration and conversation, I created multiple other concepts.

Brand Board

I was delighted when they selected two concepts (versions 1 & 2) to be refined and included as part of their logo family. Below is a preview of the final brand board I delivered. I later added a horizontal variant that included the logo mark as well.